LSI’s cracker in Visp, Switzerland is the backbone of a comprehensive, fully backward integrated chemical network (Verbund). Originating from this enabling technology we offer a variety of Basic Chemicals and Performance Products based on special technologies like Hydrocyanic Acid- (HCN), Cyanogen chloride-, Acetylen-, Ethylene- and Ketene/Diketene- chemistry.

Our diverse product portfolio serves customers as key raw materials and intermediates for many applications e.g. coatings, composites, colorants, adhesives, agrochemicals, cosmetics, vitamins, pharmaceuticals and more.

In Visp, Switzerland we run several flexible multi-purpose plants (including HCN and Ketene/Diketene handling) that allow for executing sophisticated Contract Manufacturing projects benefitting from the integration into our value chains, our more than 100 years manufacturing experience and a strong R&D platform.

Based on our long track record in process development, the ability to handle highly complex and demanding reaction systems combined with the expertise in formulations and flexibility in packaging makes LSI The solution provider and partner of choice to our customers.

Our Hydrazine Business serves a diverse portfolio of applications including Water Treatment, Lubricants, Agriculture, Pharmaceuticals, Electronics and Aerospace. LSI(Arch Chemicals) has been the sole supplier of Rocket Propellants to the U.S. Government for more than 60 years.

As a leading global supplier of PMDA, LSI offer the high quality and stable supply of the product as key raw material for variety industries: electronics, energy, aerospace and other high performance applications. It is also used as an effective addictive for specific resin for high-temperature resistant and an intermediate for unique lubricants. Rich experience on applications & regulations and local service in many countries help LSI to be a long-term partner choice of our customers.

Thanks to our global presence with local warehouses in many countries our products and solutions may be closer than you think.

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