Composite Materials

Specialty resins and curatives for high performance materials

High Performance Solutions

Leading supplier of speciality resins and curatives used in the global composite and high performance materials markets.


Lonzacure® Hardeners

High Performance Curatives and Chain Extenders

The Lonzacure® product range is a powerful class of high quality and easy to hand polyurethane chain extenders for advanced two component polyurethane cast and spray applications where high thermos mechanical, chemical and abrasion resistance are key requirements.  As epoxy hardeners, they provide increased use temperatures, moisture absorption and impact resistance.

Lonzacure® products offer brilliant mechanical and chemical resistance at a low level of toxicity.

Lonzacure® Product Range Overview


Primaset® Cyanate Ester Resins

Leading Edge High Performance Thermoset Resins

The Primaset products are a novel class of high performance thermoset cyanate ester resins.  They are characterized by glass temperatures up to 400°C (800°F).  The Primaset product range offers excellent dielectric and mechanical properties and an epoxy-like processing.

Application areas include electronics, aerospace, automotive, and industrial composites and compounds.

Primaset® Product Range Overview

Our cyanate ester resin products are available in solid, liquid or solvated form.

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